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Dash 015 - A Dash of Salt from Hannah's Kitchen


Just A Pinch

There is a song we used to sing back at my home church in Waxahachie, Texas. It was entitled “Somebody Prayed for Me”. It may ring a familiar melody in your ear. One of the verses said these timely words of Wisdom.

“My Mother Prayed for me, had me on her mind. She took the time and Prayed

for me. I am so glad she prayed. I am so glad she prayed. I am so glad she prayed

for me”

These words have resonated in my spirit for the entirety of my living. Simply because, I like many others can attest to the fact that I had a mother who prayed for me.

Such was the case with Hannah. She was a woman who the bible describes as being barren. The tradition of that day was that the husband would provide for his family and the wife and/or wives would bare children. Hannah’s predicament deemed her a social misfit and someone who was battling what we would call present day depression.

After years of being envious of her husband’s other wife and praying in vain (because of her envy), the Lord allowed her to conceive. The caveat is not the conception itself. Yet, in the actions that preceded it.

Previously, Hannah’s prayer was about herself and what she wanted. Then something within, led her to prepare for what she prayed for. Her prayers were no longer focused on her and the other woman. Her prayers had shifted to how she would be a faithful steward over what she wanted God to bless her with.

It speaks directly to a mother’s love that they would sacrifice their own desires to fend for their children. As a child, I am so thrilled that my mom did not succumb to whatever hardships she may have had before my existence.

The story goes on to say that the Lord opened her womb because she had vowed that if he gave her a child, she would give him back. Samuel went on to become the most well-known Priest in the History of Israel. It would have never happened if his mother did not pray for him.

A Pinch More

A mother’s love is so Paramount, that under dire circumstances, she would loosen the grip on her child if it meant a better life for them.

Happy Mother’s Day

& Remember You’re on The Mind of God!!!

Guest Contributor

Elder R. Lavon Yates


Greater Friendship Primitive Baptist Church - Chattanooga, Tennessee

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