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Dash 025 - I Forgot My Salt

As Dash of Salt Ministry celebrates our 25th devotion, it is my prayer that these devotions have inspired and encouraged you to continue to be the salt of the earth. We should always be about the work of God and operating within the purpose He has called us to. I thank each of you for your prayers and continued support of this ministry. Thank you for the opportunity to pour into your life each week, and I look forward to continuing serving alongside you as we work diligently to be the Salt of the Earth.

Matthew 5:13 (NIV)

The Bible Says... You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

Just A Dash

I recently started a new job (Glory to God!) and one morning, one of my new colleagues showed me a nearby deli where I could get breakfast. On the walk over, we chatted about our families, where we attended church and shared stories about ministry work. Once I got back to the office, I thought, “oh no! I forgot my salt!” I cringed as I thought about having to struggle through my bland eggs without any salt or pepper to ramp up the flavor. I must have looked pretty pathetic, because Ivan asked, “What’s the matter?” I sighed, “I forgot my salt.” He replied, “Oh, I put some in your bag!” Since that day, I haven’t forgotten to grab some salt.

A Pinch More

This experience reminded me that, as the salt of the earth, a big part of our discipleship is to flavor, or pour into, the lives of those around us, including our brothers and sisters in Christ. Just like Ivan made sure we both had salt, we should consistently be working to ensure that the bland world we live in is not without salt. That salt is the influence of believers to make the Word of God more accessible and palatable for those who haven’t experienced it before. Just like salt awakens the natural flavor of our favorite foods, our influence has the power to really awaken the flavor of our favorite Bible stories and Christian experiences. It’s important to remember your own salt, but if you see that your brother or sister has faced some bland circumstances, or have been a little bland themselves, share your salt! In other words, we should disciple others in such a way that ensures none of us are ever without the tools we need to minister to others.

Matthew 5:13 describes salt that has lost its saltiness—that is, salt that has lost its purpose. If, as believers and disciples of Jesus Christ, we lose our purpose, which is to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are no longer good for anything. That’s why it is so important that we are sharing the Word of God with others, as well as our testimonies and Christian experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly). Just as salt serves a unique purpose which gives it great value, so should we serve our purpose. Every time we salt/pour into someone’s life, we should be encouraging them to continue operating in their unique purpose as well.

Q: How have you been salt this week? Have you poured into someone else? What was the outcome?

Q: When was the last time you forgot your salt? How can you ensure that you never leave home without it?

Q: What purpose is God calling you to operate in? What specific work is He calling you to do?

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Matthew 5:13-16

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