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Dash 026 - Father, Make Us One

Commentary for today’s Dash of Salt devotion was provided by my dad, Rev. Dr. Michael McIntosh, Sr.

John 17:20-21 (NIV)

The Bible Says... My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.

Just A Dash

This past week’s DSM Prayer Challenge was an idea that came out of my need to be more consistent and intentional about my prayer life. I also thought it would be a great opportunity for the DSM community to come together for the purpose of interceding for others through prayer. I recently came across some sermon notes from this time last year, when my dad preached a sermon titled, “Father, Make Us One”. Our scripture reference today is a part of the prayer that Jesus prayed preceding His crucifixion. This was a prayer of preparation, in which he prayed for himself, his disciples, and the Church. This prayer demonstrated Jesus’ unity with God and His desire for believers to be unified, just as He is One with God the Father. I am so excited to share Dr. McIntosh’s commentary on the unity demonstrated in Jesus’ prayer:

The Model of Unity

Jesus Christ is the perfect model of unity.

The Father and the Son have uniquely different roles, but they are still united as One.

The Father and Son are equal in essence, different in function, but united in purpose.

Every believer is uniquely different, but should all be united in purpose.

Believers are to be united in as one so that the world would see unity and believe that the Father has sent the Son.

The Nature of Unity

The Father and the Son have a close, intimate oneness.

*Jesus Christ prays that believers have an intimate oneness with Him, resembling the oneness He has with His Father.

*Jesus Christ desires that each believer be closely connected to Him and committed to His Father’s will as He is.

Wolves will worry the sheep, but one sheep should not worry another.

There is no room for discord and division in kingdom-building or in the Master’s Kingdom.

The Purpose of Unity

Church unity honors and glorifies God.

God is glorified through unity of love, obedience to His Word, and commitment to His will.

Believers glorify God in living a Godly lifestyle in an ungodly world.

Believers were created by God to glorify Him by pointing humanity to a living and loving God.

Church unity displays Godly fruit before an ungodly world and prayerfully causes humanity to believe in Jesus Christ.

A Pinch More

Jesus Christ prayed for us, even before we existed at all. His prayer was intentional and intimate. Just as Jesus demonstrated his oneness and unity with God the Father through prayer, so should our own prayers demonstrate an intentional and intimate oneness with Christ.

Q: What does it look like to be one with God?

Q: How do you prayers demonstrate your oneness with Christ?

Continue Reading

John 17:1-26 – Jesus' prayer before His crucifixion

Read Jesus’ prayer and reflect on what makes His prayer so intentional and intimate. Seek to model your prayers after those of Jesus.

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