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DASH 033 - Close Your Eyes

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Psalm 56:3

The Bible Says... “When I am afraid, I will trust in you” (NCV)

Just a Dash

One of the best descriptions of Vision that I’ve heard is:

“Sight is what you see with your eyes open. Vision is what you see with your eyes closed.”

-Pastor Michael Todd, Transformation Church – Tulsa, OK

This reminded me of something my mom used to do with my brother and I. Every now-and-again, my mom would tell us, “Close your eyes and hold out your hand”. I would always oblige. I’d close my eyes as tight as I could and inch my hand out, half-cupped. Sure, I’d try to sneak a peek or pull my hand back in fear, but she wouldn’t put anything in my hand, until my eyes were closed and my hand was fully extended. Eventually, I’d get up enough nerve to go through with it, but with my eyes closed, I would listen closely for clues: Is that a candy wrapper rustling? A dollar bill unfolding? What is this I’m feeling in my hand? Is it a new toy? A snack? Although I trusted my mom, there was still a nervous anticipation about what was going to be placed in my hand. With my eyes closed, I was more intently aware of what I was hearing and feeling.

Isn’t it the same with God! We trust Him, so we hold out our hands, willing to accept what He’s going to place in our charge. With our eyes closed, we are more aware of what we’re hearing from God and more inclined to feel His presence. The thing of it is, just like my mom wouldn’t proceed until I had followed her instructions, God won’t place anything in our hands until after our eyes are closed and our hands are extended. In other words, God won’t place anything in our hands until we place our trust in Him.

A Pinch More

Wouldn’t it be easier to make decisions about accepting God’s vision for your life if you already know what’s coming with it? If vision is what you see when your eyes are closed, then to receive it, you have to be focused enough to be aware of the presence of God and trust Him enough to be OK with having your eyes closed and hands extended in His presence.

When my mom would have me wait to place something in my hand, what I received would either be something brand new that I’d never experienced before, or something that I had been anticipating for a long time! I’m not sure what you’re extending your hand out to God for, a brand new vision or the instructions to execute a vision that you’ve been anticipating for a long time - but the point is in order to receive it, you have to be obedient – eyes closed, hands extended.

Q: What have you been anticipating for God to place in your hand?

Q: Do you trust God enough to close your eyes and extend your hands to Him?

Q: What is God asking YOU to do in order to receive His vision?

This week, as you are in prayer, listen intently to God’s instructions. Find peace in His presence and confidence in his Word.

Continue Reading

2 Corinthians 5:7

Hebrews 11:1

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