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DASH 035 - Planting Seeds

James 2:17 (NIV)

The Bible Says... “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

Just A Dash

I’ve been trying my hand at gardening because I love the look of live plants. A few months ago, I planted some peppers, but of all the seeds I planted, only one plant sprouted.

Peppers grow best in warmer seasons when they have more exposure to full sun. Because I had no clue what I was doing, I started my plants indoors and in a room that got very little natural light.

With good intentions, I’d put my little seeds in the dirt and water them for a couple of days, or I’d get real fancy and put my plants outside for a few days and let God to do His thing out there. The problem is, after a few days, the soil was dry because I’d forgotten to water the seeds or a few weeks had passed and the poor plant was just completely dead. Not only was I not giving my seeds the care they needed, but I was expecting to reap a harvest in an environment that my seeds weren’t suited for.

I couldn’t get anything to grow is because I lacked the patience and consistency needed to give the seeds time to do their thing. I heard someone say once that “Faith does its best, and gives God the rest”. My problem is that I just abandon my responsibility for the seeds I’ve planted and expect God to work a miracle in spite of me not doing my part.

That isn’t how faith works, at ALL! Faith without works is dead.

I don’t know about you, but I have to stop disguising my inconsistency and abandonment as “Faith”.

A Pinch More

Dash of Salt Ministry is one garden that I’ve been very inconsistent in tending. God gave me the seeds to plant, and for a while, I was watering and nourishing that garden faithfully. Then, I abandoned it, hoping that God would just do His thing and allow me to reap a harvest that I hadn’t planted. How selfish is that!

It’s not that the seeds we plant SOLELY rely on us to care for them, but as stewards of this land, God definitely expects us to do our part in ensuring that the seeds we’ve been entrusted with are properly cared for.

DSM is a garden that I am honored to steward over, and I’m going to be more intentional about doing my part to care for it alongside the Master Gardener (God).

Q: What are the “seeds” that you’ve been entrusted with? Your seeds are anything or anyone that God has given you to cultivate and grow for His Kingdom (people, ministry, territory, an idea, etc.).

Q: What environment have you been sewing your seeds in?

Q: What’s your contribution to allowing those seeds grow?

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James 2:14-26

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