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DASH 036 - I'm Pregnant!

Matthew 1:20 NIV

The Bible Says... “But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit” (NIV).

Just A Dash

About a month or so ago, I told my best friend that I had been feeling a, and I was going to take a home pregnancy test. As weeks went on, I began to feel unusually tired, and more and more uncomfortable, especially in my belly. I wasn’t sure what was up until yesterday morning.

I woke up feeling at once uncomfortable, anxious, and overwhelmed. But somehow, I also felt inspired and empowered. I decided that instead of waiting for January 1 to kick off a fresh start, I was going to start today.

Rather than sleeping in, I went ahead and got up, and I started my morning in God’s Word. I listened to a powerful sermon by Elder R. Lavon Yates of the Greater Friendship Primitive Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. His topic was, “An Inside Job” and he talked about how prior to the birth of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit performed “An Inside Job” within both Mary and Joseph to prepare them for this miraculous birth.

Midway through the sermon, I got my own message loud and clear: I AM PREGNANT, TOO!

Nope, this is NOT a physical pregnancy (WHEW!), but a spiritual one, and the Holy Spirit has been performing “an inside job” within me for quite some time.

For over a year, God has been telling me, “Use what I gave you; you lack NOTHING”. This message has been on repeat in my spirit and I've often struggled with all of what God has placed within me, because I wasn’t preparing as I should.

If you’ve ever been pregnant, whether you experienced a live birth or not, you know all too well the preparation that’s required before you ever deliver.

With a physical pregnancy, you have to ensure that you’re taking care of yourself physically by ensuring that you’re putting the right things in your body to fuel yourself and your growing baby. You have to take your prenatal vitamins, eat the right things, drink plenty of water AND satisfy your crazy cravings! Also, you have to be sure you’re checking in with your doctor regularly to make sure that your baby is developing properly.

A spiritual pregnancy is no different.

You have to ensure that you’re putting the right things inside of you to nourish your spirit: The Bread of Life and Living Water. You have to make sure you’re getting your daily dose of prayer. When you’re craving the presence and power of God, you have to indulge in praise and worship. Most importantly, you have to regularly check-in with your Doctor and your Healer, Jesus Christ, to make sure that your spiritual baby, placed in you by the Holy Spirit, is healthy and developing as it should.

A Pinch More

The reason I’ve been so overwhelmed and anxious, and uncomfortable, is because I haven’t done my part to ensure that I’m nurturing what the Holy Spirit has placed on the inside of me.

The holy spirit has placed something in each of us to nourish and develop within. It might be an idea, a special skill or interest, a task, a new commitment, or even a relationship. Maybe what’s on the inside of you is an idea for a new book, a podcast, a blog post or a message. It could be a new business or ministry, or even a project or program to serve your church or community.

No matter what’s been placed inside of you, it’s called an inside job because God is expecting us to honor our responsibility to execute, or do, that thing. What’s inside of you was not placed there by luck or chance. It’s certainly an honor and a privilege to be chosen to carry anything that God has placed within us. So, Congratulations, you’re expecting!

Q: What’s your “Inside Job”? What has the Holy Spirit placed inside of you to develop?

Q: What are you doing to ensure that you, and what’s inside of you, are nurtured and properly nourished?

Q: Has God given you your “due date”? How are you preparing for delivery?

Continue Reading

Matthew 1:18-24

Luke 2:1-21

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