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DASH 042 - The Lord is My Shepherd

PSALM 23:1 (NIV)

The Bible Says... “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.”

Just A Dash

Last Sunday, my dad preached the ribbon loose on his Bible during his Psalm 23:1 sermon titled, “The Lord Is My Shepherd”. This was a familiar scripture passage that I learned in the KJV as a young chap, but rather than just recite from memory, I followed along in my Bible.

This was actually the first time I ever remembered reading this passage in the NIV, and I’m glad I did, because it hit a little different this time:

The KJV reads, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”.

The NIV reads, “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing”.

Now, wanting for nothing and lacking nothing mean virtually the same thing, but here’s where The Holy Spirit showed out:

My mantra, my guiding principle, for the past couple of years has been, “Use what I gave you; You lack nothing.” This was something that God whispered to me during a season where I was pretty sure of what God wanted me to do, but clueless as to how He wanted me to do it. I kept saying, “but God, I need...”, “but God, I don’t have...”, “but God”..., “but God...” “BUT GOD!”

In the midst of my excuses, He reminded me that as my Shepherd, he would provide everything I needed to do the work He called me to do.

A Pinch More

When I heard these words spoken again, “I lack nothing”, it was a clear reminder that when I am doubting having enough or being enough, it’s because I’m not looking to the provisions from my Shepherd. With Christ leading me, I lack nothing. I have all I need. I am just enough for God to use for His glory.

If you’ve been operating in a mindset of lack and finding every excuse to not be enough for the work God has for you, I encourage you to look to The Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ for 3 Things: Divine Protection, Diving Provision, and Diving Promise. In Him, we lack nothing.

Q: What’s the last excuse you made for not doing what God called you to do?

Q: What resources do you have right now that can be used for the glory of God?

Q: What assignment has God called you to that you’ve felt you weren’t equipped to complete?

Q: In the midst of your excuses, what provisions has God made for you to be able to carry out the work He’s called you to do?

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Psalm 23

Watch This

Here’s a link to Rev. Dr. McIntosh, Sr.’s sermon, The Lord is my Shepherd (Sermon begins at 34:42)

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