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Dash of Salt 004 - In Season

Psalm 1:3a KJV

The Bible Says... “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season...”

Sidenote: Since I learned this verse in KJV, I went old school with the translation this week J

Just a Dash

It’s during the harsh, bitter-cold months that many fruit-bearing trees are the hardest to identify. In this time of dormancy, they’re just bare limbs in the wind. All of the summer fruit has been plucked and the last leaves fallen to the ground. But there’s a reason we don’t chop down our trees every winter. The trees aren’t dead! They’re simply not in their season.

This season of my life has had its share of storms. Some days are sunny and bright while others are dark and stormy (much like Texas weather)! Like the peach tree, I’m cycling through seasons. Each season has its purpose and requires different strength. In winter, the branches must endure the dry cold and in summer, the branches must be able to withstand the weight of their own fruit. No matter what season you’re in, wherever you are is right where God needs you to be. Pray and ask Him to reveal the work you are to do in this season.

A Pinch More

Are your vines bearing fruit or are you out of season? Whether you are bursting with fruit or your branches are standing strong waiting to be filled again, thank God for the season you are in. Ask Him to reveal to you how to grow stronger in Him right where you are.

Origin Date 7 Jan 2019

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