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Dash of Salt 010 - Remember Whose You Are

Ephesians 5:1

The Bible Says... “Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children.” (NIV)

Just a Dash

As many college students, I counted down the days until Spring Break! I couldn’t wait to get back home to mama’s home-cooked meals, reunion brunches, day outings and PARTIES!!! Prior to college, my best friend and I lived tame, relatively sheltered lives. Once we got to college, we immersed ourselves in the social scenes of packed bars, clubs and lounges.

Our loving mothers, being the caring, compassionate Christian women that God called them to be, never tried to stifle our life experiences, but encouraged us to always proceed into the world with a degree of caution. Any time we would go out, our mothers would give us the same pieces of advice, which have stuck with us throughout our adulthood:

“Keep It Holy” and “Remember Whose You Are”

As teenagers and young adults, these statements always seemed to guilt us out of getting too wild and making poor choices, but as we got older, these words took on a new life of their own. Their meanings became more concrete as our world became seemingly more dangerous for a young Christian to navigate. It wasn’t that the dangers were becoming more prevalent, but we became more aware of what it meant to “Keep It Holy” and to “Remember Whose We Are”.

In the same way that people recognize whose daughters my best friend and I are because we look (and act) so much like our mothers, the world should recognize that we are children of God because of the way we conduct ourselves. My best friend and I made more than our fair share of bad decisions, but there are a lot of things that we did not engage in, simply because we respected and feared the parents (and consequences) that we were accountable to. As any parent would, God expects us to honor him in our actions because of who He is to us. As we matured, our mothers’ words became less of a warning and more of a reminder of how God expects us to conduct ourselves in the world. They are a reminder to have the type of witness that allows people to see us and recognize that we belong to the Kingdom of God. A Pinch More

As you enjoy Spring Break with friends and family, keep in mind the “extended family” that you represent. Remember that as a child of God, we have the responsibility to represent our Christian family in a way that is pleasing to God.

Q: What consequences are we subject to for not following God’s example?

Q: How can the world tell whose you are?

Q: Is God pleased with the way you’ve chosen to represent Him?

Origin Date: 11 March 2019

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