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Finding My Purpose

One of the age-old questions for believers and non-believers alike is “What’s My Purpose?” Professionally, you’ve got this great gift for writing, creating content, developing businesses, planning, designing, integrating ideas, teaching, and a willingness to help others, but you have no clue how to translate those skills into meaningful, profitable work.

None of the jobs you apply to seem to make use of ALL of your talents, and you’d hate to miss out on developing skills that you’re just starting to realize hold incredible value. At the same time, your spiritual life is in shambles because you feel like in an effort to advance your career and find purpose in your work, you’re neglecting your walk with Christ. So now you find yourself searching for purpose in both professionally and spiritually. You’re exhausted from your efforts and all you want to do is shake off all the worry, stress and anxiety and have God drop your purpose right in your lap.

Am I close? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever felt like this.

This is [NOT] exactly how my circumstances were. There have been a lot more failures, disappointments and trials at every turn of this journey. The same journal that I use to plan the rough drafts of my Dash of Salt Ministry content also contains plans, wish lists, and content drafts for several different businesses and projects.

Is it just me, or does it seem that when you’re dead broke and down to your last, every business idea seems like the one that’s going to launch you into fool-proof financial freedom?

Every few months, I had fresh new ideas for entrepreneurship projects, but none of them gained any traction, not even in my own head. I’d draft some plans, do a bit of research, set up some preliminary frameworks (email, blog social media), and then try to convince myself that I was the perfect person to breathe life into that idea.

I lacked focus, motivation and consistency. More than that, I lacked God’s blessing in those ventures. I remember praying and asking God why I wasn’t getting ahead and why none of my plans were working out. His answer was simple:

“Your plans aren’t working because you didn’t consider me in them.”

This realization was a game-changer! From that moment on, I started praying and asking God for success in my business plans. I prayed the same prayer for months. I wanted to be consistent in my requests to God so that He’ would know I was serious.

Imagine my discouragement when months later, my circumstances were no better. In fact, I was convinced I was at an all-time low. I continued to pray and ask God to bless my business plans, and in frustration, I asked God, “When am I going to catch a break! You’ve given me some great ideas, but nothing is coming of them. What else do you want me to do!?” Again, God’s answer was simple,

“Until you live for me, none of your plans will be fruitful.”

I hadn’t even considered the possibility of using all of these plans to glorify God. Everything that I was trying to do was for my own benefit and there would never be any glory in that.

These conversations with God were the beginning of my decision to not just believe in God, but to truly live for Him. Out of these prayers came the justification for Dash of Salt Ministry. This ministry has strengthened my relationship with God and made use of all of my skills and spiritual gifts. I’m even developing some skills I never knew I had!

I’m not sure what I was expecting my purpose to be. Perhaps I expected it to be some singular thing that I could understand or quantify or at least plan for. But where’s the faith in that? This ministry is as rewarding as it is challenging. I don’t have all of the plans laid out for me. I’m not sure where this ministry will reach or how it will grow, or even what content I should be producing day-to-day, but what I do know is I’ve never felt so fulfilled.

The life you live has nothing to do with the plans you have for your own success, but it has everything to do with allowing God to use you for His glory. So whether you call it your Purpose or your Why or your Calling, whatever it is will be what you do for the Glory of God. It will be your contribution to the Kingdom of God. In spite of all of the things I don’t know about where this walk will lead me, I can at least say that for the first time in my life, I know what my purpose is:

Live for Christ

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